State College, Pennsylvania, is a small town focused on community — with all the benefits of having a world-class university adjacent to our walkable downtown and prime outdoor recreation.

Let us show you what life is like here.

A few reasons why people have recently made the move …

Kids bike to school here.

Learn more about schools and how State College puts “family friendly” center stage.

The woods (and streams) are only minutes away.

Whether you’re into forest bathing or mountain biking you’ll want to read more.

You can walk from coffee
to coworking to date night.

Picture yourself living near an energetic downtown that’s charming foodies and entrepreneurs, families and neighbors.

Since you’ve been gone

State College may be small, but it’s definitely not sleepy. Here’s some of the cool stuff that’s been happening in recent years.

Today`s the day! Locals, shoutout the non-profits you`re showering with love today and tomorrow during Centre Gives! (Fun fact, last year this event raised $2.3 MILLION for organizations doing great work in Centre County!)

WANT TO DONATE? has got you covered, or get there via the link @centrefoundation!

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Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winner Rhiannon Giddens performing at Eisenhower Auditorium in March!

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That was fast, forsythia! Already here (and gorgeous!) and gone!

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We know those who will claim that this is the best restaurant in State College. And lamb over rice with both sauces? We can see where they`re coming from...

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All kinds of magic down these stairs to Webster`s! Grab a coffee and browse Stax of Trax and Tigers Eye Vintage next time you visit the bookstore/café!

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If you have a question – big or small – about what it’s really like to live here, hit us with it! We want to help you plug into the community, reconnect with your favorite pastimes, discover new ones, and check some of those “still to do before we move” items off of your list.

ASK US ANYTHING: Send us an email at or shoot us a DM! (And head to the "Concierge" Highlight @rediscoverstatecollege to learn more about this service.)

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Edible plant alert!* Next time you`re out for a hike, see if you can find some garlic mustard growing along the trail! (Heart shaped leaves are always a giveaway.) This plant grows in abundance and the young leaves at this time of your make a great pesto!

*Not super familiar with foraging yet? Make sure you positively ID anything you pick with someone who knows before you eat it. (Our area has tons of great locals to learn from, like @phyteasana !) And always make sure to harvest responsibly and in an area that’s not being treated with chemicals. 🌿

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Gettin` greener all the time! 💚🌿

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Live taping of the Dare to Disrupt podcast for PSU Startup Week! Host Ryan Newman is interviewing the founder of @honeygrow Justin Rosenberg. (Also, catch Rediscover State College team member Katie producing in the background!)

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Don’t just take
our word for it.

State College is popping up on people’s radar — and for good reason.

State College Ranks No. 8 on Forbes’ 2021 List of the 50 Best College Towns In America

Wall Street Journal and List State College as One of the Hottest Emerging Housing Markets

Entrepreneur names State College one of the 15 Best U.S. Cities for Entrepreneurs to Live and Launch

Livability Names State College in 10 Best Places to Raise a Family

We know what you’re thinking —
we thought it, too.

But behind those initial assumptions is a more nuanced reality about life in State College.

Tap a “perception” card to reveal how things really are here!


State College is only for students.


State College is a town full of creative individuals who care deeply about building community from the ground up.


State College is too small.


State College is small enough to make your own mark — and big enough for it to have real impact.


State College is just about Penn State.


Not everyone in town has a connection to the university, but everyone who lives here benefits by being so close to a world-class institution that attracts international visitors and first-rate entertainment.


State College has too many high rises.


State College is building up so students don’t have to rent houses that should be owned by families who want to walk to shops and restaurants downtown.


State College doesn’t have any high-paying jobs.


State College is home to a number of big companies and is growing all the time, but lots of people create their own lucrative and meaningful careers while living here.


There’s nothing to do in State College.


Just one block of downtown State College has enough to keep anyone busy for a day, with independent shops, eclectic bars and restaurants, yoga studios, art galleries, local theaters, and one of the best small town libraries ever (just our opinion).


Housing in State College isn’t affordable.


State College is expanding, and living options with it. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, the range in the market works for lots of budgets.


There’s no diversity in State College.


Our little valley is big enough for all kinds of people to find a home here, and we’re proud to lift up all kinds of voices to represent our town.

Life in State College is an invitation to…

Become a member of a small-town community, where roots have a chance to sink deep.

Downshift into a routine that feels meaningful and settled.

Redefine the life you really want—in an environment that offers the time, space, and support to go out and build it.

What’s it like to live here, beyond football and Penn State?

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