Ask us anything!

We’re more than just a pretty…website.

Rediscover State College is here to help you actually make the move! 

Our concierge service exists to field your hardest-hitting questions about relocating so you can get settled in town with more ease.

For example, you could email us and ask: 

  • “Where can I rent in State College?” or “Where do I even start when it comes to buying a house?”
  • “Who can I talk to about life in State College with a special needs kid?”
  • “Do you know anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community that I can connect with?”
  • “How do I find my fellow roller derby/horseback riding/improv/chess/foreign film/pickleball enthusiasts?”
  • “I’m a musician. What’s the music scene like in State College?”
  • “I want to learn to cross country ski, but have no idea where to start. Can you help?”
  • “I’m passionate about animals and am looking for volunteer opportunities. Do you know of any?”

When you’re ready to reach out with your questions, we’re all ears!