Rediscover The Great Outdoors

State College boasts 115 acres of municipal parks. But how big is 115 acres exactly?

Big enough for all 42,000 State College residents to have a picnic at the exact same time! We could each lay out a blanket and still have space to throw a frisbee.

But parks are just the beginning.

We’ve also got marshes to meander through, mountains to climb, lakes to kayak, and streams to fish. All within a short drive. (Or walk!) You could try a new hike every week and have more than 4 months of outdoor exploration to look forward to.

What the Locals Are Saying:

“My hubby Corey and I moved to State College to quarantine with family and realized we loved the relaxed atmosphere. The amount of space we can get here is a big trade up from tight quarters outside NYC and having our family nearby is awesome. We also were thrilled to find a creative community. My work in kids’ media was already remote, so it was easy for me to move. My hubby is starting a video production company here and found it surprisingly simple to get off the ground because everyone here was so encouraging and generous with their connections.”

“In New York, I didn’t feel like I had any control over my career or the flexibility to do what I really wanted to do. Now I teach entrepreneurship at an amazing university, run a fun popup flea market with my wife, have time to relax and play with my daughter, and work on exciting projects like Rediscover State College!”

Rediscover a Walkable Downtown

In less than 10 minutes on foot you can:

  • Hit a morning haircut, breakfast sandwich pickup, and Target run.

  • Peruse the Tuesday farmers’ market, grab a coffee to go, and drop a package at the post office.

  • Stop into the bike shop, buy a new plant, and pick up a library book.

  • Meet a friend for dinner, see a show, and catch up over a cocktail.

And hey, not to brag, but we’ve been rated “very bikeable”
by, too!

“A magical chain reaction. That’s been the experience of finding my place in State College. It’s amazing to look back and see the friendships and professional opportunities that have organically come into my life here. I feel like I’m a member of a community that genuinely notices and values what I can uniquely contribute.”

What the Locals Are Saying:

“My life in DC was exciting, fast-paced, and frenetic, but really took a toll on me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Moving to State College has really afforded me the time I needed in my life to stop and think more strategically, to think about the big picture things and what I really want in my life. Not just short term goals, but long term goals. Put it this way, living here has allowed me to custom design the lifestyle I always wanted, even back when I lived in DC, so that feeling is extremely liberating.”

Trevor C.

Rediscover Top-Tier Public Schools

State High sits in the top 8 percent of high schools nationally.

Our kids have gone on to create acclaimed art and music. They’ve played professional sports. They’ve written for The New Yorker, represented Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives, and animated for Pixar. We’ve even got the co-founder of Fisher-Price and a boy band guitarist on our alumni list! 

Oh, and when school’s out and it’s time for camp?

Ask any local parent (and their enthusiastic kids!) Whether it’s outer space, musicals, tennis, or coding at the top of their “favorite thing of the moment” list, there are unique summer memories waiting to be made by all.

What the Locals Are Saying:

“After spending a decade living in a city and considering myself a “city person,” I was apprehensive to move back to State College, giving up the hustle, diversity, and unpredictability of city life. But moving to State College has simplified daily life in a way that I didn’t expect: housing is cheaper, parking is straightforward, commutes are quick, lines are short. It’s easy to access outdoor recreation and it’s a predictably safe community. These perks are definitely a counterbalance to the aspects of city life I was hesitant to leave behind.”

“State College provided me with a great foundation for my career. I was fortunate to work for award-winning local publications that helped me build strong personal and professional connections. When it was time to leave the 9 to 5 life, my business started up smoothly.”

Matt F.

Rediscover Family Life

State College provides a safe environment that supports an independent spirit.

For fur kids or human ones (and the parents who love them!), this town offers countless opportunities for families of all kinds.

Playgrounds and neighborhoods built for childhood exploration. Dog parks and wooded trails filled with never-ending smells to investigate. Farm to table dinners and a concert (or milkshakes and mini golf!) for parents’ night out.

When it’s time to play together or relax and recharge, State College offers a supportive environment that makes us truly family friendly.

“Because I live in a town with such easy access to nature, I’m able to get outside for inspiration or to reset my day much more often. And with lots of parks and restaurants within walking distance from our house, life overall feels relaxed, easy, and fulfilled for our family.”

What the Locals Are Saying:

“If I had to move away from State College, one thing I’d miss most is the access to local food. I know the people who grow and produce most of my food. I don’t take that for granted. In my opinion, the #1 must-experience spot in this area is the Boalsburg Farmers Market at peak growing season. Pick up bread, cheese, honey, berries, fresh veggies, flowers, some delicious spreads, an iced coffee or a growler of beer and then park yourself and some friends in a shady spot by the creek and nibble on your market purchases. Get your feet in the water. Better yet, get your feet in the creek with a hunk of Gemelli sourdough and some stinky cheese. Or an iced coffee.”

What’s it like to live here, beyond football and Penn State?

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