HOW TO: Winter in State College Edition

By |Published On: January 23, 2024|

They say prevention is the best medicine.

So before the late-February cries of “How much longer until spring?!” hit and we find ourselves disproportionately upset with a groundhog, we’re preparing you with a solid list of local activities that’ll keep your winter cozy, fun, and uplifting.

Consider this your Cabin Fever Prevention Guide.

Laura says:

“Getting outside every day, even for a few minutes – even when it’s cloudy! – is my number one winter hack. The clothing items I wish I would have added to my wardrobe sooner, that have made State College winters far more comfortable? A warm coat that covers your butt – a must! A neck gaiter to pull up over your nose. A menagerie of wool socks for indoor cozying or outdoor adventuring. And boots taller than the snow you’re tramping through! Appalachian Outdoors has got you covered on all fronts.”

Katie says:

“Winter is a great time for indoor rock climbing! We go to Climb Nittany year round, but try to go more frequently in the winter when hiking isn’t as much of an option. We also take advantage of the great theater scene in State College and see at least two or three musicals or plays.”

Matt says:

“I like making it out once or twice to go skiing at Tussey Mountain, then hanging out in the lodge for a beer and some wings.”

Brad says:

“Winter is for the birds! Literally. My wife and I thought you were supposed to put away your bird feeders for the winter (don’t they all migrate?). But more knowledgeable neighbors convinced us to put them back out. And we’re glad we did! Our feeders get a ton of attention from finches, nuthatches, chickadees, wrens, woodpeckers and titmouses (titmice?). The activity of life always gives me a boost on a winter’s day.”

Trevor says:

“For me, nothing better than a hot toddy from Duffy’s Tavern when the weather is like this.”

Regina says:

“I spend most of the dark winter days at home, reading, baking, and under blankets. My outings are mostly to bring my kids to Slab Cabin or Tussey (if it snows!). But that said, it’s not always good for my mental health—I’m totally stealing some of the previous suggestions for this season!”

John says:

“While winter isn’t my top pick, it does boast three main highlights for me:

1. Cozy evenings by the fireplace, enjoying soups and stews with loved ones to warm my soul.

2. The delight of watching my dog, Pride, energetically prance through the snow.

3. When my mental health yearns for sunlight, I embrace my future snowbird lifestyle by leveraging our central location to various airports and seizing the opportunity of a good travel deal!”

Maggie says:

“Winter is knitting season! When I run out of yarn (or really, just need something new for inspiration) it’s so fun to hit up Stitch Your Art Out in Pine Grove Mills. Just being around all that wool and so many bright colors warms me right up.”

Need more inspiration?

See what’s screening at the State Theatre or UEC State College 12!

Rent some skates and hit the ice for public ice skating sessions at Pegula!

Visit a favorite summertime park or trail after a fresh snow!

Warm up in the infrared sauna at Simply Health Rx!

Browse Squirrel and Acorn Bookshop and buy a book to curl up with!

Or shoot us a message and let us know what other winter activities we can help you find around town!

Laura Mustio made her way to State College via Pittsburgh in 2015. Her writing celebrates our area’s hidden gems, treasured locals, and not-to-be-missed experiences.

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